The loud and aggressive Tokay Gecko (12″ long)

Animals can be very creative, so don't worry if your situation isn't covered here. Just call (786) 594-1189 anytime. We can typically begin local service the same day.

Live Animal Trapping

We're very familiar with Florida's common and exotic species and have extensive experience in their safe removal.

  • Snakes, iguanas, geckos and other reptiles
  • Foxes, raccoons, opossums, and skunks
  • Peacocks, chickens, ducks, pigeons and other birds
  • We can work in hard-to-reach spaces such as attics, chimneys, and beneath buildings
  • We use only humane, non-lethal, state-approved methods. We never use nor recommend the use of toxic chemicals or poisons.

Dead Animal Removal

We can quickly and safely remove remains from any location: under a building; inside an attic or wall; in a parking lot. Call us before the smell becomes intolerable or the sight turns away customers.

Dead Pet Removal

Sometimes family pets pass away and owners do not have the space or capability to to handle the remains, we can discreetly remove them.

Common Situations We Resolve

  • Animals washing or leaving waste in swimming pools
  • Iguanas or other large lizards loitering on boats, seawalls, patios, or rooftops
  • Snakes inside a home or business
  • Animals nested or caught in chimneys
  • Birds flying around inside a business


Please contact your local (non emergency) law enforcement or the Florida Fish and Game Commission for help with nuisance alligators. We do not handle nuisance Alligator situations.

Coverage Area

We commonly serve Miami-Dade and Monroe counties, including the Florida Keys, but can serve other South Florida locations at additional cost. Call for further inquiry.

Have a question not covered here? Give us a call at (786) 594-1189 and we'll be happy to discuss your options. Thanks!

Miami Animal Removal is Fully Licensed and Insured.

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