Claw of a Water Monitor

The Gray Fox

South Florida is home to a rich variety of creatures both native and exotic, but sometimes our animal neighbors can become unwelcomed guests, putting people, pets, and property at risk.

We resolve situations with nuisance animals quickly and safely using humane, non-lethal, and state-approved methods.

Animals don't wait for Monday morning.

We're active 7 days a week, and can typically begin local service the same day (within Miami-Dade county).

Call (786) 594-1189 anytime.

We can trap that.

We have extensive experience in the safe removal of wild animals, including those which people may have told you can't be caught:

  • raccoon
  • gray fox
  • opossum
  • chicken
  • Muscovy Ducks
  • iguana
  • monitor lizard
  • skunk
  • peacock
  • gecko
  • bat
  • snake
  • pigeon
  • nuisance
    bird species

Dead Animal Removal

Wounded or sick animals seek inaccessible spots in a home or business (another reason we never recommend poisons). If you think something has died, let us find and remove the remains before the smell becomes intolerable. This business is not for the faint of heart!

Make sure to see our services page.

We can also serve the Florida Keys and outside Miami-Dade / Monroe. Call for more info.

Miami Animal Removal is Fully Licensed and Insured.

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